Smart Cap Concept
Free your design; unlock every designer’s key while satisfying the fast-changing world of commercial merchandise. Switch design-of the the most insignificant and yet the most annoying part to designers. Manufacturers of the spend less or none budget on developing tooling switches, yet have great difficulties searching for suitable components. Our Smart Cap provides you and every designer with the ultimate solution, with variety of choices for switches and caps.

Leda sharing between designers and switch makers are certainly most welcomed. Smart Cap is not only the platform for developing new switches and caps. It allows us to fully utilize the resources we have been given, to express our love to the Earth.
Turn your need
Smart Cap Manual
  • Step 1
    Select suitable switch unit by structure and actuation mode. Please refer to full range product series in catalogue.
  • Step 2
    The Adapter is the magician of the Smart Cap System.
    It is the perfect match maker between switch units and caps.
    It is now available with “6 9” and “6 12”.
    The two adapters allow the combination of size-6 switch units and 9Cap and 12Cap. More adapters are under development.
  • Step 3
    Select suitable caps which ranged in four from 6Cap, 9Cap ,
    11.5Cap to 12Cap. Each with different usage and design will give your product style and great value added-on.