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Product development

SHANPU pushbutton switch products are internally designed and developed by our technical know-how engineers using 3D design software. Product concepts prototyping is made by the use of 3D printers, CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) lathe, CNC milling machine which allows us to develop new product quickly.

Production tooling & semi-automatic production

All production tooling and semi-auto production machine are controlled within SHANPU, from the design of the first prototypes to mass production. All tools are designed and maintained internally, from the bending tool to the plastic injection mold.

Plastic injection mold

3D switch products design increase our plastic mold design efficiently, we design our own quickly mold change system for small-volume production of a wide range of different items require. our tooling capabilities include CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) lathing, CNC milling machine, EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining)/WEDM (Wire Electrical Discharge Machining), the industrialization and tooling phases allows SHANPU to meet high quality standards, robust and reliable products.

Molding injection

SHANPU produce thermoplastic parts using horizontal electric high-performance injection molding machine and vertical injection molding machine. Molding processes are used automated insert molding, robotized pick and place. Raw materials including thermoset, thermoplastic, silicone and elastomer. Quick die/mold change system

This unique more than 45 years expertise allows SHANPU to offer such a wide range of products and customization potential.


Assembly is the final stage of production for illuminated push button switch, navigation module, rotary encoder module, programmable LCD rotary encoder with push switch module. The assembly step includes assembling primary units, hot-bar soldering, epoxy dispensing, X-Y table soldering, laser marking as well as UV printing. Our multi-function module are assembly in cleaning room such as LCD display rotary encoder with pushbutton switches and push button integrated with LCD screen. SHANPU’s goal is to offer high quality, reliable products and to meet customers’ expectations.

Testing and Inspection

More than 45 years’ experience, SHANPU controls all phases of product development and manufacturing: from design, mold tooling, and plastic molding to assembly and final inspection before shipment. SHANPU production plants are ISO 9001 certified.

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