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By Function

Push button switch==>long travel distance operation with illumination or non-illumination, lock or non-lock.

Tactile/tact switch==>low profile switch body integrated LED backlight, no latching veraion.

Rotary switch==>multil contact position, operation by rotation can be selector or encoder.

Navigation module==>combination multil switches in single module, easy to set-up, save develop time and money, such as 5-way button switches, 3-key push button switch.

Electronic switches==>not mechanical contact, electronic signal output, it can be Capacitive touch switch, infrared non-contact push button switch(IR sensor switch), Piezo switch

Tester tweezers==>Test tweezer for conductive, LED and SMD component.

Alarm Buzzer / indicator==>3-in-1 Emergency-stop, water-proof piezoelecric effect alarm buzzer, ring indicator for rotary potentiometer


Smart cap


Switch accessories, smart caps, wires 


Free your design; unlock every designer’s key while satisfying the fast-changing world of commercial merchandise. Switch design – often the most insignificant and yet the most annoying part to designers. Manufacturers often spend less or none budget on developing tooling for switch caps, yet have great difficulties searching for suitable components. Our Smart Cap provides you and every designer with the ultimate solution, with variety of choices for switches and caps.

Idea sharing between designers and push button switches makers are certainly most welcomed. Smart Cap is not only the platform for developing new switches and caps. It allows us to fully utilize the resources we have been given.

Select suitable switch unit by structure and actuation mode. Please refer to full range product series in catalogue.

Adapter is the magician of the Smart Cap System. It is the perfect match maker between switch units and caps. 

Smart Caps with four sections, the 6 Cap, 9 Cap,11.5 Cap and 12 Cap. Each with different usage and design will give your product style and great value added-on.



Laser engraving, UV printing, baking varnish

Freely design your own products while meeting the rapidly changing world of commercial goods.
Switch Design - Usually the least important but also the most annoying part for the designer.
Manufacturers often have little or no budget to develop switch cap tools, but finding the right components can be difficult.
The sharing of ideas between designers and pushbutton switch manufacturers is of course most welcome.

Switch series

Switch on the SHANPU directory.

With LED, without LED, five-way navigation key, waterproof switch, rocker switch, encoder switch, rotary switch, tact switch, lock/unlock, touch switch....

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