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SF39EA / SF39EB / SF39EC / SF39BA / SF39BB

EA / EB - Iluminated Rotay encoder & tactile metal switches painting cap service 10V DC 1mA / SPST / Encoder Connector /0.3mm / 12pulses,360°
EC - Illuminated Tactile & Rotary Switches Series
BA - Iluminated wateproof 5 key Navigation meral switches12V DC 50mA / SP5T Connector / 0.5mm
BB - Illuminated waterproof 5 key Navigation metal switches 12V DC 50mA / SP5T Cable / 0.5mm


waterproof panel mounting 5-key navigation tactile pushbutton switch module with LED backlight and metal or PC/ PA housing. Acccept custmoize legends laser engraved.

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water proof IP65 5-ways navigation push button switch module with LED illumination, front panel mounting. aluminum allow housing.

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Flat rotation knob accomplish finger control. "Simple is more" SF39EA Rotary encoder with central illuminated tactile button switch module, a component complete cover all your input device.

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SF39EB Rotary encoder button module with Rised rotation knob and middle LED button switch approach "Simple is more" , a component complete cover all your input divice.

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SF39EC_Rotary switch

Illuminated Tactile and Rotary Switches Panel Cut Ø39mm White LED Illuminated Rotary and Tactile Switches Easy to Install.

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