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SF25WA / SF25BA / SF25BB

WA - Illuminated wateproof 5 key Navigation stainless#316 switches 12V DC 50mA / SP5T FFC / 0.3mm
BA - Illuminated wateproof 5 key Rotary encoder & tatile switches 12V DC 50mA / SPST / Encoder Connector / 0.5mm / 24 pulses,360°
BB - Illuminated Capacitive Touch switches, RGB Led, 5V or 6~24 V DC, Output type:NPN Connector,Acivated by the touch of a finger


Rotary encoder with center push button switches, circular LED lighting, customize marking available

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Capacitive touch, NPN(Sink) output, wide rang voltage voltage, SUS anti-vandal housing, non moving part, Automatic detection environment adjust capacitive touch switch sensitive

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SUS 316 metal pushbutton switch module, IP67 rating waterproof, FFC cable

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SLB2 Complete learning set, include SLB2-P5 new generation switch*1 and K-SLB2-01 learning kit*1

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T18 Knob

Fits T18 Knob, 18 TEETH rotary encoder, also a kind of cap for rotary switch. Can be collocated with SBA indicator.

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