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6 Smart Cap

For switches actuator/button size is 6mmX6mm (6mm sq.) it for SHANPU's product line SPF low profile LED tactile switch, SPH2 tactile/push button, SPJ right angle switches, ZSPE6 and ZLS67 RGB LED tactile switch.


SPH2 actuator fit over 23 different style from 6 smart cap, Tactile or silent smooth push button switches integrated LED lighting.

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Right angle illuminated LED tact switch, SMD or Through hole(TH) version, the actuator/stem meet smart cap system.

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ZLS67 / ZLS70

Vertical or Right angle tactile switches build-in RGB LED you can control the Light-emitting diode illumination color you want and several keycap style for choice.

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latching/lock/alternate or non-latching(momentary) pushbutton switch integrated LED, Through hole version, several keycap available

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6 smart cap

6 Smart cap over 20 different dimension, shape pushbutton switches top cap it suit for SHANPU's push button product line ex. SPF tactile switches, SPH2 and ZSPE6 push button switches and SPJ right angle LED tactile switches.

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Module design 5-ways LED push button / tactile switchs, lighting through laser engraved legend sign, panel mount snap-in.

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low profile tact switch with LED, available with bezel in PCB mounting version

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