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Rotary Encoder switch

SHANPU Rotary Encoder switch combination a tactile switch at center and integrated ring LED for indicate. 2 pulse signal to identify CW and CCW, Non-stop rotation for control the value of temperature, humidity, voice volume or color and brightness of lighting.

Customize legends on Push Button switches

Front panel push button are for operator using how to identify each button in correct function? make customize legends/symbol. who can do it? SHANPU is push button switches manufacturer located in Taiwan Taipei also we customize the cap for you.


Programmable color TFT display combination Rotary encoder with center push button switches. Waterproof IP65 rating

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Ring LED indicator with 24 LED around the circler, the LED can be programmable in address, standard print art work, customize art work printing available, combination with Potentiometer、Variable Resistor(VR)、rotary encoder. Made by SHANPU CO, LTD. in Taiwan

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Rotary encoder with center push button switches, circular LED lighting, customize marking available

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Flat rotation knob accomplish finger control. "Simple is more" SF39EA Rotary encoder with central illuminated tactile button switch module, a component complete cover all your input device.

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SF39EB Rotary encoder button module with Rised rotation knob and middle LED button switch approach "Simple is more" , a component complete cover all your input divice.

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Multi-function switch module it integrate rotary encoder and 5-keys tactile navigation switch, panel mounting, aluminum alloy bezel, flat design.

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Small low profile rotary encoder with central illuminated tactile pushbutton, PCB TH(through hole) terminal.

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